Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Be Me

In April, our theme was Just Be Me.  We had lots of discussions about what Just Be Me means.  It means to be ourselves and know that we are special just as we are.  We don't have to try to be like someone else.  We talked about many different ways that we can appreciate ourselves and brainstormed qualities that each of us have that make us good friends.  While brainstorming, we realized that all of the "Just Be's" that we have learned over the year could be qualities that each of us have for JUST BE ME.
For an activity, we drew pictures of our handsome/beautiful selves and wrote down all the qualities that we felt we had that made us a good friend.  Here are some of the qualities we wrote: respectful, thankful, compassionate, brave, generous & forgiving.

What qualities do you have that make you a good friend? #justbeme

Ms. Johnson's Grade 2/3's


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just Be Active

Last month our theme was Just Be Active. We realized in our classroom we can be active on a daily basis with different activities that we do.  We do yoga stretches in the morning sometimes.  We have brain breaks that is some sort of movement.  Our favorite is the Just Dance videos. A new activity that we have found for brain breaks is the GoNoodle website with lots of different ideas for some exercise. We also have gym a couple days a week.

Through the whole month we talked about the things that we were doing at home to be active.  We brainstormed lots of things that we could do. We had a Poem of the week that was called Keep Fit! It was all about things you can do to keep your body fit.  In Gym, we did different exercises with partners and relay races.  We had someone's mom from our class, who is a fitness instructor, come and teach us some ways to make exercising fun.  A woman who plays baseball came and taught us how to play Blastball.

Another thing that is important when learning about being active is eating healthy.  A mom in our school who is a nutritionist came to our classroom and taught us a few things that could help us to stay healthy and active.  She said that the healthy foods we eat are like the different colours of the rainbow. We should eat at least four different colours of food a day.  To get our energy for staying active we need to eat all the right foods.  Healthy food also helps your body to grow and see.  She gave us an activity where we had to change a junk food for a healthy food.

This month we are learning about the Million Act of Friendship: Just Be ME!

Ms. Johnson's Grade 2/3s


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CTV Morning Live

Hey Parents,

Just a heads up!

Molly Thomas will be talking about us tomorrow morning on CTV Morning Live between 7AM and 8AM.  She says to start watching before 7, if you can.

Ms. J

Friday, February 28, 2014

Just Be Brave

Last month's theme was Just Be Brave.  In our class we brainstormed different ways of being brave.  Bravery is something you face when you are scared.  You are also brave when you try something new.  Some examples that we had are:  skydiving, being in the dark, jumping from a high diving board and acting on stage.

Sometimes we get into situations with friends and classmates where we have to be brave.  When you go to a new school and you do not know anyone it can be hard.  It can also be hard, when you have a new student, to go over and say hello. If someone is bullying you or a friend you can stand up to the bully.  If you are playing with someone else's toy and you break it, you can be brave by telling the truth.  If you and your friends get in trouble at school or at home, telling the truth is the best thing to do.  Being brave is very important.  It is a good quality to learn in life.

In our class, we made posters for Just Be Brave.  In our posters, we put pictures of when we could be brave or when we were brave.  We wrote a sentence to explain what was happening in our picture.  We also listened to songs that talk about bravery.  Two of the songs we listened to were Brave by Sara Bareilles and Stand Up by Mike Tompkins.

Stay tuned for our blog about Just Be Compassionate!

Ms. Johnson's Great, Smart and wonderful Grade 2/3 students


Vocabulary City

In our morning routines, we rotate between PWIM and Poem of the Week.  During Poem of the Week, one of the things that we do is pick out the juicy words in the poem that are hard for us to understand.  We will put our juicy words into Vocabulary City to help us practice and learn those words throughout the week.

PWIM is a Picture Word Induction Model, where we pick out words that we can find in a picture. When we do PWIM, we focus on different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) when finding words.  Every day we do something different with these words;  we make lists, we put the words into sentences, practice our hand writing and printing, and other activities.  We then put the words into Vocabulary City so that we can have more practice with these words.

I know this Vocabulary City has an APP that is free on tablets and apple products.  If you would like to check it out I have saved the last two word lists so that the students can play around with them.

Click on here to get there:

Vocabulary City
Password: grade23

Feel free to check it out.

Holly Johnson

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just be Friends

Hey Parents,

Check out our updated school locker on the JBF Kids website.  Our Just Be Respectful Rules Poster is on it and a couple of our students.  The Mayor has also taken on the Million Acts of Friendship Challenge.

You need to have an account to be able to see it.

We are pretty excited about it.

Ms. Johnson's Grade 2/3s


Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Be Generous - December

In December, our theme of the month was Just Be Generous.  We did a ton of things to learn how to be generous to other people.  The first thing our class did was collected socks, toys, school supplies, shirts, games, soap, hard candy, toiletries, etc. for Operation Christmas Child. As a class, we gathered together 26 boxes of all of these things to give to other children all around the world.  We think the children will be happy when they receive the gifts.  We watched a video of children in different countries receiving their gifts.  Seeing the children makes us sad that they do not have very many things but it makes us happy to see them receive their gifts and look so excited for them.  Making these boxes for other children made us excited to be able to give generously to other children around the world.

In December, we learned about Polar Express and did many different activities around that theme.  One of the activities was making Candy Cane Cookies.  When we watched the movie we invited the Grade 1/2 Class to watch it with us and surprised them by sharing our cookies, that we had made, with them.

Our school did Operation Christmas Stocking.  It was different than Operation Christmas Child.  The gifts were given to people that are living here in our own city that don't have very many things to wear outside when it's cold.  Some of us in the class were still feeling super generous and collected socks, toques, mittens and toiletries to put together for OCS.  On the last day of school we had a school dance.  To go to the dance, we were asked to bring a non-perishable food item or a money donation.  Our whole class brought lots of food and some of the students brought money from their own allowance.

Giving all these gifts to the people that needed them made us feel good and taught us that we don't need to have all the gifts that we get.  Being generous also taught us to be able to give a gift without expecting anything in return.

"Just Be Generous" is one of the many qualities that makes a good friend.

Written by Ms. Johnson's Grade 2/3s